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"Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other" - One Who Knows - 6.12.17

"Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other" - One Who Knows - 6.12.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 2:24 PM EDT on June 12, 2017

Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other

This is the most important post that I have EVER written, for we have reached "End Of Game." I have been given the Responsibility to give the Final Message to the Remaining Cabal, their Minions, and Trolls alike. This is not a warning, it is a Declaration of "End of Game" one way or the other.

To: The Remaining Cabal:

This is your last, and only notice. I am going to spell out what is to come next for you. This post is a "Gift" to you as it outlines your options, Life or Death. It is that time in the Game when YOUR life is NOT as important as the Ascension schedule for the rest of Humanity. I write this final message with great care as it may be the last thing you read in this life. The GCR completing successfully has now become more important than you living. While I am going to explain in more detail below, why we have come to this point, I will give you your Free Will Choice right here:

#1) Stand Down form your nefarious activities, and permit the GCR to proceed unimpeded and LIVE.

#2) Continue your fruitless efforts to stop the GCR and DIE.

Hear the sincerity in my words. This is REAL, and this is FINAL. This does not violate Free Will, as you have a choice, nor is it a violation of Human Rights in a time of War. 

To: The Light Workers

My friends and family, this is a very real declaration as the NPTB and the Elders have reached their limit. While you may be concerned about the huge number of deaths that are about to happen, it is important for you to remember that we are at war and these are the same ones who would have killed us all if they could have. They are the ones who have poisoned our air, water, and the food we eat. They have raped and killed our children and committed untold attrosities upon Humanity. As I write this, I know it is hard to imagine that this could really happen, and yet it is. It is time. You may want to print off a copy of this message for posterity, for this was truly the end of the Cabal. I will finish off this post explaining to the Remaining Cabal why we are now justified in taking their lives in the best interest of Humanity.

The Game

In the "Other" times this game was played between Light and Dark, the planets were blown up and all Light Workers perished. That was FAIR game play in a Galactic sense. There was no case for intervention by the Galactic Federation or higher "Beings" to prevent that from happening. That is the nature of the Universe we live in, it is fair, and in the end we all have gained wisdom that will we will treasure for eternity. In the big picture nothing had gone wrong. 

The Game Is Over

But, in our case, the Game is now over and has been for the last 60 days. We have defeated the Cabal in every way. They have no chance of ever gaining back the military, control of the money supply, influence over any Governments, or control of any resources. The Game has been called and the Light Workers have been declared the Victors. 

In prior Games, the Dark were declared Victors and they killed every being on the planet. But in our case, we have been declared the Victors and we still have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Cabal left still alive. In all truth, it is fair game play to terminate them all, as they have done to us many times before. But as Light Workers, it is against our nature to do so. That is what these pathetic minions rely on as they keep preaching "Love Your Enemies" when if the shoe were on the other foot, as it has been 5 other times, they would have just wiped us out and it would not have bothered them in the least. 

First Time For This

Now that we have won this game fair and square, the remaining Cabal still will not relent, and press on causing continuing harm to those in our World. THIS WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED AND IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. This is the first time that we have been at this juncture, of "After Game Clean Up." We have tried and tried again to give them amnesty deals, even arresting some others, and frankly we have already executed many of them as well, but still they continue their disruptions unchecked. By the way those "Ghost Squad" executions are ongoing as I write this. 

The Tipping Point

The Cabal no longer have the support of the Universe in this game as it is no longer winnable for them. So, their fates are in our hands now, as we are the Victors this time. We have been giving them all the chances possible and now we have reached the Tipping Point. Now, people on our Planet are dying every day due to the Cabals actions, lack of medical care, and lack of resources that would be otherwise available from the GCR. This is the point in which saving their lives is more important than sparing the lives of the Cabal and their minions. 

The Decision Has Been Made

The decision has been made that any person who stands in the way of the GCR will be executed on the spot. There will be no more discussion and no more negotiating. Not only will the perpetrator be instantly eliminated, but the ones who gave them the orders will be tracked down and executed where they stand. For every person eliminated in this way, every single other person involved will be immediately eliminated so that no further delays from those people are possible. Clearly, there will be some of them who get put down, that may not have been directly involved in the issue, but those can be "Chalked" up to casualties of war. It is not an exact science, but it is effective.

Preparations Are Being Made

As I write this, preparations are being made to ensure a smooth GCR launch. The "Ghost Soldiers" will be positioned at ALL key locations on the Planet for immediate action. They have STK (Shoot To Kill) authorizations and have been trained to put down the target in the most painless way possible. They will be dead before they know what happened. It is more Humane that way. By the way, the Cabal minions will NEVER see it coming because these special forces soldiers are invisible. They have technology that "Shifts" them into a higher frequency dimension where they can standing right next to a person and they will never know it. They are "Cloaked" if you will. All key locations will be monitored and watched very closely. These Soldiers are given the order to execute their targets without questioning. At this point, STK mistakes are acceptable as all remaining Cabal and their minions are expendable anyway. 

The Big Picture

In the big picture, no one can die unless their soul contract "Allows" it. Unfortunately for these Cabal and their minions, they are all expendable. They would have had us all killed if they had had a chance and it is that reason that they are proper targets in this final take down. In the big picture, there are way too many people suffering and dying due to the delays of the World Wide Reset. These "Innocent" lives are more valuable than the lives of these evil Cabal, their minions and trolls. In the big picture, the need of the many outweighs the rights and lives of the few who are still causing harm to our World. In the Big picture, execution of all Remaining Cabal is acceptable, as they have executed entire populations of our Brothers and sisters on other Worlds. So if executing them all is justified in this epic battle of Light and Dark, then executing the few who stand in the way of our freedom is MORE THAN JUSTIFIED. 

The Matter Of Free Will

On the matter of free will, this post is fair notice. This plan in no way violates the free will of those who will be executed. They have been given notice here in this post and have the Free Will right to decide if they will stand in the way of this GCR and be immediately executed, or allow this GCR to proceed unimpeded and live as a result. That is a Free Will Choice. Frankly this order was already given and it was I who wanted to write this post giving fair notice of what is to come. This post more than satisfies my sense of what is Right and Wrong in killing Cabal and their minions. They have tried to kill me so many times (and did kill my son), that I have no personal issues wiping them out. This is not vengeance, but instead, a recognition of who they are and what their intentions truly are. Make no mistake my friends, we are at war with this soulless enemy who would kill you as soon as look at you. This post serves as "Just Notice" to those who would stand in the way of our Freedom.

God Speed

For those who will soon be executed, I bid you farewell, and God Speed. You have served your dark masters to the very end and well I might add. You have been a worthy adversary, but have violated the "Spirit" of the game, by not allowing us to continue on our journey to ascension unimpeded. This is beyond acceptable game play and will no longer be ALLOWED. I wish you the best on your Karmic journey, and I hope you have learned in death what you did not learn in life. May you gain the wisdom that you seek and find your way to the Light. 

COBRA Side Note

As a side note, to my IDC family, TPAO IS COBRA. IT IS TIME FOR TRUTH. That slimy snake is also AreLian, and has also infiltrated the real truth call as well. The COBRA website is going to be taken down and she will be dealt with as well. If you want to hear what the great and mighty Cobra sounds like without the voice distortion, go listen to that slimy snake on the Real Truth call. By the way Dr. W.C. was in on the plan to try to take me down. IT IS TIME FOR THE REAL TRUTH W.C.

Real Truth Call 6-6-2017 

@ (01:21:00) 81 min 

Female caller calls (Area Code 410) (COBRA)

@ (04:13:00) 253 min 

Fisher & COBRA (Area Code 410) Bashing One Who Knows



The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I have brought a somber and yet grave message to the remaining Cabal, their minions and trolls. The order has been given to execute (on the spot) anyone who stands in the way of the GCR. Not only are the perpetrators to be executed, but all the ones involved in giving that order will be tracked down and terminated as well. While it is "just & fair" to execute them all, it has been determined that only those who oppose and delay Humanity's scheduled Ascension will be terminated on the spot along will all involved. This message is VERY REAL and should be heeded by all. This is a time of war, and tolerance is no longer an option. 

Stand by my friends, for the GCR is about to conclude. This has been decided and this is the final message to the Cabal on the matter. Their next message won’t be heard, it will be experienced. 


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Please post this message on all websites and post on all boards.


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En el Cenit del eclipse solar apenas ocurrido hace unas horas, el universo está abriendo un portal interdimensional o burbuja ascensional, que genera un reseteo energético e iniciamos un nuevo conteo hacia el cambio dimensional.

Este portal o burbuja donde está ingresando nuestro sistema solar (ORS) está acelerando de manera exponencial los átomos de todo ser vivo (mineral, vegetal, animal, elfico, devico, elemental, humano), generando una limpieza profunda de nuestro ADN y termina el 28-02-17, para dar acceso a una nueva fase depurativa.

Desde que nuestro sistema solar entró al cinturón fotonico ( de luz) hemos estado sufriendo grandísimas alteraciones en nuestro ser con el objetivo de depurarnos y prepararnos para todos los cambios que el universo nos tiene listos.

Ya estando dentro del cinturón fotonico estamos ingresando a esta burbuja o portal interdimensional, para que tomemos un breve descanso y que nuestros cuerpos se ajusten a las nuevas  frecuencias de vibración de la luz, que emanan de nuestro sol, para luego dirigirnos sin demoras a una nueva fase evolutiva, la Quinta Dimensión de conciencia (5D, cambio dimensional, ascensión o como gustes llamarle)

Estos fenómenos jamás vistos ni vividos nos están enseñando a demostrarnos a nosotros mismos ese poder divino que llevamos dentro y nos dan la pauta para iniciar nuestro proceso individual y colectivo hacia la ascensión o cambio de conciencia.

Y que pasara ahora? 

Los fenómenos astronómicos continuarán sucediendo durante el resto del año para que sigamos ajustándonos a las nuevas frecuencias de luz y seguir ascendiendo o elevando nuestra conciencia.

~Mantente en el lado positivo de todo.
~Sana tus cuerpos (físico, mental, emocional, áurico) cuanto antes
~Haz introspección. Ve más hacia dentro de ti. Medita. Reza. Ora. Canta. Baila. Contempla. Grita. Goza
~Aléjate de las relaciones negativas.
~Ve menos TV 
~Haz respiraciones profundas al levantarte y al acostarte.
~Bebe más agua natural

De hoy en adelante las energías mega-vibrantes del sol emanadas desde nuestro centro galáctico, potenciarán toda la energía positiva y negativa, así que estamos obligados a cuidar nuestros pensamientos, intenciones y acciones, para encontrar dentro de nosotros el equilibrio necesario y superar todos los retos que estamos viviendo con todos los fenómenos Cósmicos/Universales/Galácticos/Planetarios/Humanos.

Este es un buen momento para reflexionar y actuar con seriedad...

Zablon Erguth

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EL HOLOGRAMA DE GAIA ESTA CAMBIANDO AHORA Por: Zablon Erguth domingo, 11 de junio de 2017


Todo lo que perciben tus sentidos físicos es un reflejo de una realidad virtual. Estamos dentro de un programa muy complejo donde cada jugador (almas) decide las reglas del juego para su propia vida, sin embargo existen reglas básicas y generales para el.juego de la vida en este planeta y en este plano tridimensional.

Todo lo que piensas se envía por medio de tu mente individual hacia la mente colectiva (unión de las mentes de todos los humanos) y posteriormente se va a la Mente Cósmica (Dios Padre/Madre, la fuente, el Uno, el Todo, como gustes llamarle). 

Una vez que todas las.mentes se sincronizan, sucede entonces el milagro de la realización de tu Propia Creación y te conviertes en un Co-Creador junto con la Creación Divina.

El diseño del holograma tridimensional que estuvo en manos de la parte obscura durante los últimos 5000 años, ya llegó a su fin el 21-12-12. No te espantes!! La parte obscura y la de luz vienen de la misma fuente, porque son intrínsecamente la misma fuente.

Qué sigue?

*** Se están haciendo todos los preparativos del nuevo programa holográfico de la nueva tierra pentadimensional (de 5D)

*** Ya están listas las nuevas reglas generales del juego donde los jugadores continúan siendo Co-Creadores pero dentro de un entorno más equilibrado, abundante de todo, con vida infinita, sin controles de poder (político, religioso, económico, social, educativo)

*** Como el tema de la "muerte" ya no es algo natural en el nuevo holograma matricial, y debido a que nuestros cuerpos están mutando en este mismo instante del elemento carbono al silicio, tendremos la tan esperada "VIDA ETERNA" que todos los Avatares Espirituales conocidos nos han prometido.

Hermano ascendente:

La matriz holográfica (3D) que conoces hasta hoy, está por cerrar su ciclo. Ya viene el momento de que quienes controlan el juego y la misma matriz, hagan un reseteo del ordenador (siguiente fenómeno a suceder, o sea los días de obscuridad) e inmediatamente encender el switch del nuevo programa (5D) para que los jugadores graduados (ascendidos) inicien una nueva etapa de su evolución hasta lograr el ultimo nivel del juego (12 niveles conciencia o dimensiones)


1 Adáptate a las nuevas reglas generales 

2 Hazte consciente de que estas al final del juego tridimensional (3D) para entrar a uno pentadimensional(5D)

3 Apoya el proceso de cambio holográfico, ayudando a otros a ser conscientes (envía este mensaje a todos tus contactos, familia, amigos y conocidos)


Comparto con amor..... Zablon Erguth

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