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Queridos Seres debido a la premura no nos fue 

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The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
So much is changing in your world, that it would be difficult or impossible to catalogue and review all of it
For the changes are coming so quickly now, and to such dramatic degrees, that your minds are barely able to take it all in.
And what you are not outwardly informed of, you nevertheless inwardly perceive, absorbing the energies not only of the powerful Light and intelligence now flooding the planet, but of the changes occurring behind closed doors.
It is increasingly impossible for your intuition or heart-mind tonot awaken to what is occurring.
For the technologies employed by the dark hats for millennia, to keep a “cap” on human consciousness and overall awareness, are fast dissolving and being dismantled.
And this is not all our doing, though the Angelic realms are able now, in the current energies and astrological occurrences, to raise the vibration of their loving care of your planet and all upon Her.
This alone is helping to dissolve and dismantle the old structures, but that is not the entire story.
For each time you meditate and connect more fully with your higher self, each time you sign an online petition requiring fair and compassionate treatment of Earth and Her beings—adding, as one fine Lightworker has suggested, “Enact NESARA Now!” in the comment box—each time you give thanks for all you have, lifting your vibration to a higher level—you further loosen the hold upon you that the third dimension held you in for so long.
We would say, that one of the best and finest (and most fun) things you could possible do now, is to consider that you now live in the fifth dimension.
And why should you wait, until some “authority” or expert informs you that all is well, that you are in the fifth dimension, and will now know the peace, abundance, free energy, free expression, health, and well being that you have dreamt of for yourselves and all on the Earth?

Why would you need an announcement to tell you what your heart is already announcing so clearly, in your dreamtime, your inner feelings and visions, and your etheric nighttime travels to your soul groups and Galactic friends?
Why wait until one president or another announces “We are not alone,” though that is a beautiful vision, and one worth having, when your own Creator sense tells you that all is changing faster than your logical mind could ever comprehend?
For as you increasingly step up, as Earth citizens, to your Galactic citizenry, moving into that place where you will be accepted into the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, you will find natural what you now consider to be strange.
You will not need “official” confirmation that there are people living inside of Mars (or inside the sun, and other planets).
You will not need “official” announcements that explain the presence of a shadow government, a secret space program, or that explain the connections between organized religion, corporations, trillionaires, and the governments they have run for so long.
You will have joined with that higher aspect of yourself and all persons on your vibratory level or frequency, and will have intuitively absorbed, as you are doing now, the truth of the matter in every case.

Understand that in this New Earth you are fast building, nothing shall be hidden.
What you think toward another will be heard clearly, and your intentions clearly read and understood, without interference from social training, logical mind-speak, or other falsely created expectation.
In this New place, you will know one another by vibration, just as you will choose your food by its vibration (that which is not created by a plasma generator).
Just as you will choose your friends, your place of community contribution (formerly known as the workplace), your places to meditate and explore Nature, and your places of communing with others.
There will be no hidden frequencies, except that which is far higher than what you are currently able to comprehend—and yet, you will Ascend further, and in time, grasp that as well.

And so in introducing his free energy devices to the world, Dr. Keshe is doing far more than finding ways to provide power, food, water, and even peace to the Earth.
He is introducing the notion that electromagnetic frequencies are not only something to be tapped into for power.
They are a method by which all is Created, and all is Known.
And increasingly, as you climb this beautiful upward ascent to remember who you are, and why you came, you will join him in understanding not only the uses but the meaning, the mechanics of “free energy” and all it portends.
This is why so many are attracted to live in certain places upon the Earth now, to suddenly leave their place of residence or their job, an old relationship (or two), to release old objects they once loved and resonated with.
It is why so many are drawn to crystals and other gifts of the rock and mineral kingdom—because these hold intelligences that you are increasingly absorbing, understanding, and communing with.
And so we would say, rather than “wait”—and you have heard us say such before—know and feel that you are there, in the sense that this New Earth is building and creating Herself in ways that, if you wish, you can become fully aware of, without needing anyone to “inform” you of such.
For this time, rather than being the recipients and the workers of someone else’s plan, you are yourself the designers, the builders, the inventors, and the Light that informs all new creations.

You are driving this beautiful spacecraft as she hurtles through space.
And now we hold out our hand, and with joy, we see you rise to grasp it, and continue to rise, taking your place amongst us, and rejoicing in all you have, and all you are becoming.
Namaste! We are with you—and increasingly, you know our presence.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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